5 Reasons why the Monosem seed metering unit stands out far above the rest

Sep 21, 2017 | General

  1. Monosem seed metering unit demoLess doubles and skips – The flat seed disc of the Monosem seed metering unit is less sensitive to seed size and shape. It picks up multiple seeds and the access pips get knocked of higher up in the metering unit. Conventional seed meters try to ensure single seed pickup with pockets or grooves on the seed disc. This is only effective when the seeds are uniform in size and shape.
  2. Better seed spacing – The flat seed disc allows seeds to fall straight down from the seed disc at the 5 hour mark. The lower drop position decreases the likelihood of mispositioned seed in the seed furrow. The seed wiper at the bottom of the Monosem seed metering unit ensures that seeds fall down the centre of the seed tube. This accuracy ensures the correct positioning of each pip in the planted row.
  3. Adjustable – The seed singulator is adjustable to fit different seed types (maize, soja, sunflower etc.). You can check for doubles or skips through the control window. You don’t have to make constant adjustments to get the perfect seed spacing. The Monosem system is not sensitive and you don’t have to adjust the vacuum.
  4. Durable – The Monosem seed metering unit is made of aluminium. The agitator, singulator and seed wiper are made of bronze. The components are machined to the micron and calibrated at the factory for life.
  5. Affordable replacement parts – It takes years to have to replace the wear gasket or seed disc. The seed disc is made of 1.5mm stainless steel. The wear gasket of Polyacetal Copolymer has superior friction and wear resistance characteristics.

Seed Metering Unit

(1) Cover (outside) Cast aluminium (2) Control Window, Operator can easily see the result of his adjustments (3) Clean Out Trap Door (4) Brass Seed Wiper directs seed release to guarantee precise seed spacing (5) Adjustable Brass Singulator Eliminates doubles without creating skips (6) Seed Disc 1.5mm stainless steel (7) Brass Agitator (8) Seed Drop Point Right above seed tube (9) Wear Gasket Teflon gasket behind seed disc will last for many years (10) Hold Down Plate (11) Meter Main Body

Adjusting the Seed Singulation :

The lever on the left side of the meter’s main body adjusts the Singulator on the inside.

The more the lever is set towards PLUS the less aggressive the Singulator. The more the lever is set towards MINUS the more aggressive the Singulator.