Customer Testimonials

This is what our clients have to say about their Monosem planter 

We have a lot of rocks on the farm so the Trip-Tine is a big advantage, the parallel linkage on the row unit is strong and the metering unit is simple and easy to use

Stefan Bester

The planter is compact with unbelievable accurate seed spacing and the shock absorber on the row unit makes the planter very stable.

Haydn Zunkel

The planter is heavy, strong and simple. It’s well supported in Zimbabwe. Large fertiliser bins and a cat-walk makes loading the bins safe and easier. 

Mark Stubbs, Zimbabwe

He plants 150 Hectares of maize with his Monosem planter. He also plants 100 Hectare of Virginia Tobacco and another 80 Hectares of wheat in South Headlands

Having preciously owned a Monosem planter I already knew that the metering units are extremely precise and easy to use. The Trip-Tine was a important factor when deciding to upgrade to a No-Till planter

Tobi Musariri