Royal Agricultural Show

Pietermaritzburg’s Royal Agricultural Show is the continent’s largest mixed exhibition incorporating a fully-fledged agricultural component – this annual ten-day event is well-known for its agricultural component, including the exposition of some of the country’s finest livestock and agricultural equipment but also a range of ancillary activities and displays covering the industrial, commercial and service sectors within the province.

Full of contrasts, ‘The Royal’, with its unique ambience abutting the City with its own stream, is all about old friends, new introductions, long established traditions and stimulating fresh ideas. A truly pleasant and profitable experience for participants and visitors alike.

See you at the 2019 Royal Show

Dates to be confirmed


Stand No. BD-31

Monotec awarded a Silver Medal at the Royal Agricultural Show

The Royal Agricultural Show in KwaZulu Natal is the oldest and largest agricultural show on the continent. This year (2017) the show began on the 26th of May and lasted until the 3rd of June. Monotec has always been keen exhibitors for such shows. This year’s show...

Royal Agricultural Show 2016

The 2016 Royal Agricultural show took place from the 29th of April until the 7th of May in Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu Natal. The Royal Show being the largest Agricultural show in Natal and the oldest in Africa with the first show in 1851. This year Monosem shared a...