We are proud to announce :

The first trailed No-Till MONOSEM planter has been delivered to a Zimbabwean Farmer near Kwekwe.

By now this 6-row machine has successfully planted 200 Hectares of maize directly into wheat stubble.

This planter was the first No-Till MONOSEM planter to be delivered to Zimbabwe with the following South African specs :

  • Trailed 6-row No-Till planter at 91cm row distance
  • Yetter fixed SharkTooth row cleaners
  • Two wide ground wheels with 12×18 tyres
  • Three x 350 Litre fertiliser bins
  • Row markers
  • Two platforms between the row units
  • Catwalk & railings in front of fertiliser bins


The following MONOSEM row units were used :





The proud new MONOSEM owner Leon Burger with Jim McSorley, General Manager of FARMEC Harare.

FARMEC had sold, delivered and commissioned the machine.

Jim McSorley was with FARMEC from 1990 to 2008 and has now returned after working eight years for a construction equipment dealership in the United Arab Emirates.


Leon was particularly impressed with

  • the precision of the MONOSEM pip placement even in No-Till
  • the rigid NXM row units that were able to maintain a constant fertiliser to seed off-set of 50mm
  • the fact that the planter had a very straight forward drive systems for seed and fertiliser that was easy to set
  • the front 18 inch cutting coulter that cuts easily through his stubble.
  • the manoeuvrability of the machine due to the pull type wheel units that lift the planter fast and high and last not least with
  • the 100% even fertiliser distribution over the full width of the machine as well as over the planted distance.


The Fertisystem fertiliser augers that are used on the new MONOSEM planters that come into Zimbabwe with South African specs.


Jim McSorley noted that the joy about the MONOSEM planter, other than it’s accuracy, is the fact that it can be pulled with any suitable HP tractor that has twin spools and a 540rpm 6-spline PTO-shaft. Even with an open centre hydraulic system on a tractor, there is no need for an additional external hydraulic pump to drive the planter’s fan.


The fertiliser tools that were chosen on this planter are :

a ) No-Till Coulter & Double Disc

interchangeable to

b ) No-Till coulter & Auto-Reset Trip-Tine Combination



Due to the softer conditions Leon had fitted the double discs cutting nicely through his wheat stubble.




After the first planted maize fields had come up Leon was keen to show his neighbours how well his new Monosem No-Till planter had performed.




Everyone who has ever planted with a MONOSEM planter or who has farmed next to a MONOSEM owner will confirm that there is no other planter that can match the precision of a MONOSEM. But even with this reputation and track record in mind it was amazing for Leon to see the same precise pip placement performed in No-Till conditions.


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