A Farmer from Hoopstad in the Free state, Martiens Prinsloo in collaboration with Dr Schalk van Wyk planted peanut trials with a Monosem planter. They were extremely impressed with the Monosem’s precision seed spacing. They planted trials of different peanut cultivars ranging in size from 10mm to 20mm.

Peanut Trials planted with a Monosem

There is no other planter that can match the precision of a Monosem.  All Monosem planters use under-pressure ( vacuum ) to suck seed gently onto the holes of a stainless steel seed disc. The flat surface of the Monosem seed disc accepts an irregular variety of seeds, whether big or small, flat or round, coated or uncoated. You can be sure it will always pick up seed. On the right side of the Monosem metering mechanism is an easily accessible lever that is used to adjust the height of the seed scraper and the vacuum pressure at the same time. Inside the mechanism, the seed scraper aligns the seed to the hole in the seed disc and efficiently eliminates all doubles without creating any skips. As the seed disc turns all excess seed is stirred just enough that only one seed will remain on every hole.

Different seed sizes

Monosem seed metering unit