There have been numerous deliveries of Monosem No Till Planters In Kwa Zulu Natal over this past season. Areas including Paulpietersburg, Dundee, Mooi River, Greytown, Creighton and the Kamberg to name a few.

This past season began with late rains once again forcing some Farmers to begin planting in tough dry conditions. This however is all too familiar for the Monosem No till planter which never shies from dry or wet lands.



The Monosem is equipped with an adjustable ‘standard’ spring loaded 460 mm ‘yetter’ front cutting coulter which is followed by an Auto Reset Ripper tine designed to penetrate up to 250mm. The adjustable Ripper Tine has a heavy duty auto reset spring with a 500kg kick out force on the Tine tip. This allows consistent tine depth in our all too often dry and hard soils. The Ripper tine assembly is designed in such a way to ensure the planter is pulled downwards into the ground to achieve maximum depth rather than rely on sheer weight like many of its ‘Brazilian’ competitors.

The Monosems are fitted with the acclaimed ‘Fertisystem (R)’ fertilizer distribution augers allowing a consistent and accurate flow of fertilizer even on the steepest uphill, downhill and off camber slopes. The ‘Fertisystem’ spiral augers guarantee an equal absorption of fertilizer by the plants without any waste regardless of the fertilizers granular properties. With its maintenance free ‘Auto Lube LP (R) bearings’ make the fertisystem the perfect fertilizer distribution system for the already accurate Monosem No Till planters.

The Monosem No Till Planter is fitted with the Heavy Duty NX planting units which have a far wider and shorter parallel linkage adding further strength to the already strong planting units. This ensures the pip placement is at least five centimeters off the fertilizer line even after several tough seasons. The tried and tested pneumatic Monosem metering boxes have proven to be one of the most accurate and hassle free systems promising perfect pip placement and population regardless of seed variety or conditions.

The Monosem pneumatic system is powered by a large turbo fan which is driven by either a PTO or Hydraulic pump. The metering units and Fertilizer distribution are driven by a contact drive ground wheel assembly which only activates once the planter has commenced planting. The contact drive wheel is tensioned by two large adjustable springs ensuring no slippage in even the wettest conditions. With the contact drive having no wearing parts, it ensures another hassle free system for the Monosem No Till Planter.

The Monosem no till planter is assembled with far fewer chains, sprockets and shafts then all its competitors, promising a much quicker, more accurate seed and fertilizer calibration. The planters are supplied with a highly accurate fertilizer chart allowing for the wide variety of fertilizer available in today’s market.

Monosem strives to supply a leading No Till planter for South Africa’s many harsh conditions, customized with the best of South America, North America, Europe and South Africa to ensure a truly unique planter for our unique conditions.