After Monotec presented the first Quad-Max planter on this year’s Nampo show, various configurations of this new model now make their way to the customers.


One of the trends that South Africa’s agricultural sector is currently experiencing is the trend towards narrower row spacings. In areas where maize was traditionally planted at 91cm or wider many rows now stand 76cm apart. Especially for soybeans there is little doubt that it has to be planted even closer but also for maize there are more and more hectares planted in narrower row spacings as close as 38cm apart.


For row widths up to 45cm Monotec South Africa announced their new  model, the QUAD-MAX this year in February. This construction with large flotation wheels in front and in the rear is completely new to the Monosem product range and not only accommodates the narrower row spacings but it also features a huge fertiliser and seed capacity which will significantly reduce its downtime compared to other models.

The trend to narrow rows is often accompanied with a desire towards a wider operation. If new equipment needs to be purchased on a farm, one would want the new machine to do more work in less time. In this aspect, the new QUAD-MAX has groundbreaking benefits. Planter configurations of up to 36 rows are available in various row widths from 91.4 to 45cm. Monotec’s QUAD-MAX has a heavy, solid framework with no need for any section to fold forward or upward for transport.


Wide configurations consist of 2 or 3 sections of 6, 8, 10 or 12 rows being permanently hooked together and towed sideways for transport from the field to the farm. A further advantage of the QUAD-MAX’s design is that no fans, hydraulic motors or horizontal transport pipes are needed to get seed and fertiliser from the bulk hoppers to the row units. The seed and fertiliser for each row units is carried right on top of it which also has the advantage of an even weight distribution across the full width of the planter.


Today’s farmer looking for new technology requires not only larger planters but also higher accuracy. It is good to know that the QUAD-MAX planters rely on the famous Monosem row units and Fertisystem fertiliser augers. To this day, the Monosem seed meter is the most accurate on the market and at the same time it has a well known track record of durability and low maintenance. Not only maize, sunflower and soybeans but also sorghum, peanuts and even canola is placed precisely pip by pip by the Monosem units.


The Fertisystem fertiliser augers on the Quad-Max guarantee even distribution of granular fertiliser. Their screws are built like a corkscrew and even low-quality fertiliser being put down in high quantities is handled accurately without any possibility of fertiliser build up on the augers.


Available as a thoroughbred No-Till planter but also as a conventional machine the QUAD-MAX offers a range of fertiliser openers including Monotec’s popular coulter & trip-tine combination, the new coulter & double disc combination as well as a 20 inch single disc opener with side knife.








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