Monosem is proud to introduce their new Ultra Max toolbars for the 12 and 16 row planter models for the 2014 season in South Africa.

The Ultra Max toolbar accommodates the following:

  • Row spacings of 76cm or 91cm
  • Monosem planter units with conventional seed hoppers on the individual row-units or one central pneumatic distribution seed hopper.
  • 500 litre granular fertiliser hopper per two rows or one central pneumatic distribution fertiliser hopper
  • Fertiliser openers for No-Till, Minimum Tillage or Conventional planting.
  • A ground wheel or hydraulically driven drive system that can be used with precision farming
  • Conventional row markers if it is required by the client.

This means that this unique frame construction can be assembled as a basic, “low-specs” planter, equipped with fertiliser bins and seed hoppers and which can be driven in the same way as a conventional 4, 6 or 8-row planter, but it may also be equipped “high-specs” with a central seed or, fertiliser system and GPS controlled drive.

The Ultra-Max toolbar features a ridged middle section in a ‘T’ form. This middle section carries four Monosem planter units, two 500 litre fertiliser hoppers and four fertiliser openers. The wing section of a 12-row planter will carry four row units each with two fertiliser hoppers and four openers. The wing section of a 16-row planter will carry six row units with three fertiliser hoppers and six openers. For transport, wings fold 90 degrees forward. Both machines in transport position will be just less than five metres wide.

Monosem 12 row ultra max fully open

Monosem 12 row ultra max 45 degree

Monosem 12 row ultra max fully closed

During folding and unfolding the very strong, telescopic drawbar is supported by two bars that connect at the linkage point and run sideways towards the wings.

During planting, the wings can swivel 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down to accommodate uneven terrain.

One of the obvious features of the Ultra Max toolbar is that it is extremely strong.

This is made possible by a construction that consists of three main beams that run across the full width of the unfolded machine.

The front 7 x 7 inch beam carries the fertiliser bins and the fertiliser openers
The rear 7 x 7 inch beam carries the Monosem planter units.
The third 9 x 5 inch beam, which is positioned higher, carries the pivot points and hydraulics.

There is no other frame construction on the market that folds forward in the same manner and is strong enough to carry the popular Monosem No-Till Coulter & Tine Combo.

New Monosem 12-row Planter with Ultra Max folding frame further advantages:

Numerous fertiliser tools are available on the new Ultra Max foldable frames. For No-Till conditions the planter would be equipped with straight cutting coulters that cut through tough residue and the auto reset fertiliser tines that penetrate even the hardest soils. For Conventional tillage the planter’s front beam would carry large 20 inch fertiliser openers.

Another advantage of the Ultra Max frame construction is that all the planter row units work in line, in other words, there is no off-set on the centre units.

The drive wheels of the planter run between the planter units as on most 4, 6 and 8-row planters. This makes these large planters considerably compact.

The contact drive system gives the owner of a 12 or 16 row planter peace of mind as it works with a minimum of chains, gears and bearings. This Monosem drive is a proven, simple and reliable system which eliminates unnecessary surprises and down time.

These Monosem trailed planters can be equipped with the “NX2” or with the “Monoshox®” planter units. Both these planter units are rugged enough to handle today’s “Conventional”, “Minimum-Till” and “No-Till” conditions.

Monosem NX2 planter unit

The heavy duty NX2 planter unit has a strong linkage with two heavy-duty springs that can be set to 130kg of coulter pressure. The parallel linkage arms are 320mm wide but only 340mm long to give it the necessary stiffness and durability.

Monosem Monoshox® planter unit with shock absorber

The Monoshox® planter unit is equipped with a shock absorber within its parallel linkage. This gas filled shock absorber minimises planter bounce where higher planting speeds are necessary. Planting at 15 km/h can be obtained with this unit without any compromises on the seed depth and spacing accuracy. Down pressure is also adjustable. The strong parallel linkage on the Monoshox® planter unit is 150mm wide and 475mm long and features 22mm thick pins.