No-Till Twin Row Planter in Kwazulu-Natal

No-Till, Twin-Row

Monotec, previously known as Carrotech, has been the importer of the MONOSEM planters for 16 years. Their planters are well known for the highest precision in seed and fertiliser placement.

Monotec has added to their range of planters with the release of their first No-Till Twin Row Planter in Kwazulu-Natal for Leon Röhrs, owner of Drakensberg Agricultural Services in Kwazulu-Natal.

Twin-Row and No-Till are two planting methods at which Monotec planters perform exceptionally well due to the proven precision of the Monosem metering unit and the planter’s rugged design to suit No-Till conditions.

Combining these two popular planting did require a 4 Row Twin-Row Planter to have 8 seed row units and 8 fertiliser openers (No-Till coulter and Trip-Tine combination). The special frame needed to be designed to allow for good material flow with its increased length.
The Planter was used to plant approximately 250ha over 6 different farms, between late November 2016 and early January 2017. Maize and Soya and Dry Beans seeds were planted in various soil conditions from wet soil to rocky terrain. In addition, ground coverage included Maize stubble, irrigated winter wheat and Roundup burnt Veld.
According to Leon Röhrs it was a huge success and he looks forward to the production of many more of these planters in the near future.
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