Reach a higher plant population but also wider plant spacing.

Monosem Twin-Row maize planter is a new concept that plant two rows of maize in a zig-zag pattern, which is normally planted in a single row. With a Twin-Row planter you usually put 10% more seeds per hectare as you would do with a single row machine. Although the plant population is higher the zigzag pattern still offers more space for each plant and its roots. This wider seed spacing offers more root growth more space and reduce competition for nutrients and moisture. The plants are placed further apart and are able to absorb more sunlight. It causes more photosynthesis, better growth and produce healthier plants. To plant in the zig-zag pattern, contributes to a faster development of a closed canopy that helps to control weeds and conserve moisture.

The zig-zag pattern increase the space between each plant and the potential for higher returns.

Twin-Rows plant in a zig-zag pattern that allows for the best growth potential

Farmers in South Africa showed an increased yield between 8-16% where they planted with a Monosem Twin-Row. Monosem make these benefits possible with the accurate spacing of their patented seed dispense mechanism in combination with their Sync-Row ® system which ensures that the zig-zag patterns is consistent, row after row. This accurate planting techniques help to reduce input costs and achieve higher returns with consistent performance year after year.

a Monosem Twin-Row planter is the best investment for the highest yield potential

The Sync-Row ® system for zig-zag pattern

The Sync-Row ® system is designed to spread seed placement to maintain and ensure the zig-zag pattern. It is easily adjustable and adjusts the position of the seed disc that synchronize the seed placement of the two rows.

The benefits of Twin-row :

  • High yield potential
  • Less competition for nutrients and moisture
  • Better root development
  • More space for sunlight, photosynthesis
  • Better growth reduces diseases
  • Quicker canopy reduces weed pressure
  • Quicker canopy keep moisture