Fertiliser Applicators

We build a variety of different precision fertiliser distributors that meet the unique needs of farmers. Here is a couple of different models we offer:

This is a fertiliser distributor for 4 rows with tines mounted on the frame to do cultivating between the rows. This fertilizer distributor fitted with height adjustable ground wheels units to enable you to run clear over the crop and a catwalk for easy fertilizer refills.

This 6-row fertiliser distributor for maize is fitted with cultivator units. These units have its own depth control wheels and can be set individually for more precise cultivation between the rows. This machine is fitted with height adjustable wheel units which drives the fertiliser and enable you to run clear over the crop.

This is a fertilizer distributor is fitted with a stainless steel tank to accommodate 9 Fertisystem® augers. The fertiliser is placed in the ground with individual double disc openers with coil spring in an off set position.
On the left is a single bed fertilizer distributor for Vegetables. On the right is a 3 bed fertiliser distributor for vegetables. Both of these fertilizer distributors are fitted with height adjustable ground driven wheels to drive the fertilizer.
In irrigation fields where you have deep pivot tracks, we have the option to have the fertiliser PTO driven. For easier access to fields and the problem one may encounter to fit the implement through narrow gates we have the option that it can be transported lengthwise.

Fertiliser distributors are build to customer specifications using tried and trusted components.
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