Grassland Subsoiler

The Monotec subsoiler is an ideal implement for subsoiling, pasture renovation and re-seeding. Built to farmer specification with tines working up to 350mm deep. Tines are protected by a mechanical auto-reset system. The spring loaded disc coulters open the turf without inversion and the spiked roller consolidates the aerated turf and controls the working depth. An optional box drill can be mounted for simultaneous re-seeding, in which case the row of spring tines agitates the soil to improve germination.


Breaks hard pans and surface compaction


Increases yield and quality of pastures


Improves aeration and drainage


Helps release nutrients

Base Model

18" Spring loaded disc coulter

  • opens turf without inversion
  • dept & down force adjustable


  • Spacing: according to farmer specification
  • Working dept:  up to 350mm deep
  • mechanical auto-reset system

Shark-tooth roller / packer

  • Packer can be filled to increase weight
  • Spike pattern ensures proper penetration
  • Cleaning plate ensures operation even in wet and sticky conditions

Tractor kW requirement

75kW to 100kW depending on soil type and conditions. 

Optional Grass Seed Bin