Maize Planter Options

Vacuum System Options

Three sizes ensure a regular vacuum for optimal operation of the seed meter to suit all planter configurations.

Standard Turbofan

High Output Turbofan

Extra High Output Turbofan

Standard Drive with PTO shaft

Optional Hydraulic Drive with vacuum gauge

Electronic Control Options

Variety of integrated systems available from

9-pin ISOBUS connector

Possible options include :
• Hydraulic drives for seed or fertiliser
• Electric drive for seed or fertiliser
• Variable seeding rate
• Variable fertiliser rate
• Individual row shut-off
• Section shut-off
• Fertiliser blockage monitoring
• Seed monitoring

One type inductive sensor for :
• ground speed
• shaft speeds
• up / down positions

Electric Seed Drive

Electric Fertiliser Drive

Hydraulic Fertiliser Drive

Hydraulic Seed Drive

Granular Applicator Options

Adjustment of the Microsem

Adjustment of the microgranulators are made using a gearbox with 18 ratios. If needed, other sprockets are available and also a quick declutching system.

One MICROSEM hopper per two row units.
20 & 40-litre hoppers are available

Distribution by auger

The principle of the Microsem distribution is based on a system of auger. The microgranules contained in the hopper are picked up by 2 augers (1). The agitators (2) allow for a regular feed of these augers. A finger wheel (3) then distributes the product uniformly in the chutes (4).