Maize Planter Options

Vacuum System Options

Three sizes ensure a regular vacuum for optimal operation of the seed meter to suit all planter configurations.

Standard Turbofan

High Output Turbofan

Extra High Output Turbofan

Standard Drive with PTO shaft

Optional Hydraulic Drive with vacuum gauge

Closing Wheel Options

(1) Two Lever Adjustable Rear Wheel Bracket ( adjustable toe-in, toe-out and down force ) with (a) 25mm Narrow Rubber, (b) 50mm Wide Rubber or

(c) Steel Finger Wheels

(2) Screw Adjustable Rear Wheel Bracket ( adjustable down force only ) with (a) 25mm Narrow Rubber, (b) 50mm Wide Rubber or (c) Steel Finger Wheels

(3) Rear Wheel Bracket for Twin-Row with (d) Narrow & Sloped Rubber Wheels

(4) Special Bracket for (e) Closing Disc & (f) Flat Single Wheel

Row Cleaner Options

Clod Deflector

Fixed Row Cleaner

Short Floating Row Cleaner

No-Till Coulter

No-Till Coulter & Floating Row Cleaner

Fixed Row Cleaner for Twin-Row

Pro Wheel Option

The press wheel has been used for years on the vegetable and sugarbeet planters. MONOSEM has adapted this concept to the multipurpose planters with a large diameter press wheel, the PRO wheel.

  • Consistent pressing
  • Improved plant emergence
  • Optimal germination
  • Better seed placement quality

Large diameter press wheel

The PRO wheel in aluminium has a stainless steel coating and a plastic scraper. Wide diameter (295mm), it keeps its shape and offers a quality pressing and a better seed placement. By improving the seed-to-soil contact, the emergence is more rapid and regular.

Combined adjustment

The packing down pressure of the PRO wheel is adjustable. It is combined with the pressure adjustment of the rear packing unit (a).

Integrated hooking up system

When the conditions are not suitable for the use of the PRO wheel, it can be very quickly retracted. Just lift the PRO wheel up by hand and lower the lock with the other. And the wheel is no longer in contact with the ground.

Independent wheel

Independant from the planting system and the rear press unit, the PRO wheel follows the ground contours for a
consistent pressing.

Fertiliser Options

Fertiliser Openers

No-Till Coulter & Tine Combo

No-Till Coulter & Double Disc Combo

510mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener

460mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener

Fertiliser Auger

The Fertisystem augers are made from highly durable corrosion free components. The stainless steel Fertisytem auger shaft runs on two 6006.2RS ball bearings that are extremely well protected. The protection consists of a stainless steel washer, felt seal, exit hole, o-ring, oil seal and bearing seal. This design ensures many years of supreme performance without much maintenance. 

The auger screw itself is an open spiral and its coils are not connected to the drive shaft. Damp or powdery fertiliser cannot clog onto screw or the shaft. Even extremely poor quality granular fertiliser can be applied with utmost accuracy.

Dry Fertiliser Bins

Monosem dry fertiliser bins

Dry fertiliser bins are offered with 250, 350 or 600 litre capacity. The are made from a heavy duty polyethylene that makes them lightweight but still highly durable.  The lightweight tanks allow for larger fertiliser loads to be used and effectively reduces down time due to refilling.

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

350 litre fertilizer bin with two Fertisystem® augers

6-row fitted with three 500 litre bins

Electronic Control Options

Variety of integrated systems available from

9-pin ISOBUS connector

Possible options include :
• Hydraulic drives for seed or fertiliser
• Electric drive for seed or fertiliser
• Variable seeding rate
• Variable fertiliser rate
• Individual row shut-off
• Section shut-off
• Fertiliser blockage monitoring
• Seed monitoring

One type inductive sensor for :
• ground speed
• shaft speeds
• up / down positions

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

Electric Seed Drive

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

Electric Fertiliser Drive

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

Hydraulic Fertiliser Drive

8-Row with four 600 litre bins

Hydraulic Seed Drive

Granular Applicator Options

One MICROSEM hopper per two row units

Adjustment of the Microsem

Adjustment of the microgranulators are made using a gearbox with 18 ratios. If needed, other sprockets are available and also a quick declutching system.

20 & 40-litre hoppers are available

Distribution by auger

The principle of the Microsem distribution is based on a system of auger. The microgranules contained in the hopper are picked up by 2 augers (1). The agitators (2) allow for a regular feed of these augers. A finger wheel (3) then distributes the product uniformly in the chutes (4).