Fertiliser options

Fertiliser Opener

No-Till Coulter & Tine Combo

No-Till Coulter & Double Disc Combo

510mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener

460mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener

Dry Fertiliser Bins

Monosem dry fertiliser bins

250, 350 & 600 Litre dry fertiliser bins are offered. They are made from a heavy duty polyethylene that makes them lightweight but still highly durable.  The lightweight tanks allow for larger fertiliser loads to be used and effectively reduces down time due to refilling.

The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are made from highly durable corrosion free components. The stainless steel Fertisystem® auger shaft runs on two 6006.2RS ball bearings that are extremely well protected. The protection consists of a stainless steel washer, felt seal, exit hole, o-ring, oil seal and bearing seal. This design ensures many years of supreme performance without much maintenance.The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are superbly performing fertiliser augers of a new generation. These augers are maintenance free and require minimum cleaning. Their open, spiral-like screw is very accurate and works very well even with damp or powdery fertilise

Key Features :

Reliable Flow rate:

Easy maintenance

The rain cap (1) can be taken off to enable the tractor driver to see the fertiliser flow. Should there occur a blockage in the opener, the fertiliser will overflow through opening (a) even if the rain cap is in place.

Emptying, cleaning and checking of the FertiSystem auger is made easy. Just clip off two latches and the front spout (2) can be taken off. Thereafter the auger screw  (4) can be pulled out by hand.

The overflow plate  (3)  inside the outlet spout ensures uniform fertiliser distribution even if the planter runs uphill, downhill or leans sideways on slopes. The corkscrew design of the FertiSystem auger screw make it self cleaning and fertiliser is unable to clog around this screw even if damp or