Maize Planter Row Units

NX M Row Unit

Heavy duty parallel linkage 350mm long, 250mm wide with 22mm pins and bushings

Optional SHOCK ABSORBER reduces row unit bounce at high planting speeds

200mm wide face plate to mount a large variety of residue managers

Monoshox® Row Unit

Optional : Row units can be equipped with easy to adjust spring down force and clamp for 3-point mounted frames.

The interior of any Monoshox is a gas filled off-road racing shock that resists compression but extends quickly.

Optional : In-cab controlled Monoshox Air pneumatic airbag replaces coil-over spring. Requires 24V compressor and monitor.

Twin-Row Unit

Optional : Twin Row units can be equipped with clamps for 3-point mounted frames.

Optional : Twin Row units can be equipped with Monoshox linkage and shock absorber.

Minimum row unit distances : 210mm from row to row and 550mm from row to row with planter wheel in between

NGplus4 Row Unit

Optional : Heavy Duty adjustable down force spring in addition to standard springs

Optional : Super Duty adjustable down force double spring in replacement to standard springs

Optional : Mounting bracket for clod deflector or fixed row cleaner