3-Point Planters – 2 to 8 rows

3-Point Mounted Planters – 2 to 8 rows

3-POINT MOUNTED FRAMES have ample space for the fertiliser tools in front and row units on the rear.

The SIDE SEED SPACING GEARBOX is easily accessible and allows more than 18 standard settings

HIGHER WHEEL UNITS use 7.6x15-SL tyres and drive a shaft on top of the rear beam

OPTIONAL PLATFORMS give easy access to the fertiliser bins

3-POINT MOUNTED FRAMES are strong, versatile and allow for a vast variety of row configurations

WELDED CONSTRUCTION made with two 127mm beams

CENTRAL SEED SPACING GEARBOX provides 18 possible settings

STANDARD WHEEL UNITS have 6.5/80x15 tyres and drive a shaft underneath the rear beam