Trailed Planters – 3 to 12 row

Heavy & robust Pull type frame

Straight forward drive & lift system design – easy to set and a pleasure to operate.


The rigid frame of the Monosem pull type planters are a welded construction of a 127 x 127mm front and a 178 x 178mm rear beam with 16mm thick flat, upright flanges in between.  The front beam carries the fertilliser openers, the flanges carry the fertiliser bins or tanks and the rear beam only carries the planter units, wheels and seed spacing transmission. This design is very sturdy but makes them also exceptionally versatile as the norrow, yet strong flanges do not interfere with whatever row configuration is chosen.

Seed metering unit

Advantages of the new generation Monosem Vacuum mechanism:

  • unmatched precise seed spacing
  • accepts irregular seed shapes and sizes
  • you can see from the ourside of the planter unit if there are still doubles or skips
  • you can easily make adjustments to get your seed spacing perfect
  • very durable construction
  • low maintenance

Contact drive system

A contact drive system is standard on all Monosem Pull Type planter models. This system is a simple, reliable, and efficient way to power seed meters and fertiliser transmission. It is mounted on top of the planter ground wheel. A small wheel engages the big ground wheel when the planter is lowered, automatically turning the seed meters and fertiliser. This drive disconnects when the planter is raised and the small turf tyre separates from the ground-engaging tyre. The small turf tyre is injected with silicone to avoid problems through punctures.

New heavy duty pillow block bearings with triple lip seals are used on the lift wheels. These make repair and maintenance much easier.

New aluminum shims on the hydraulic cylinders are used to easily change the height of the lift wheels in different soil conditions. This enables the seed units to always run at the perfect height to the main beam.

Wheels with a 7.5x20 tyre are fitted for row spacings of 76cm and narrower.

Wheels with a 12x18 tyre are fitted for row spacings of 91cm and wider.

Planter frame height is easily changed using clip-on spacers

Triple-lip sealed SKF flange bearings on wheel hubs

Seed spacing transmission

The seed spacing transmission is mounted on the side of the machine and is thus very easily accessible. It is very easy to change the gear-ratio. By pushing down a lever, the operator can release the tension on the chain and change over to the desired gear without any tools. The transmission has 18 different settings and with Monosem seed discs that can have a variety of different hole quantities ( from 6 to 120 ) the operator can reach in-row spacings from 18mm to 1.6m.

Seed spacing transmission closed
Seed spacing transmission open

Dry Fertiliser Application

For the application of granular fertiliser a Monosem Pull type planter is equipped with either 350 or 500 litre polyethylene fertiliser bins that are very durable and saves refill-time because of their size. They are equipped with the Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers that are superbly performing fertiliser augers of a new generation.

The Fertisystem augers are made from highly durable corrosion free components. The stainless steel Fertisytem auger shaft runs on two 6006.2RS ball bearings that are extremely well protected. The protection consists of a stainless steel washer, felt seal, exit hole, o-ring, oil seal and bearing seal. This design ensures many years of supreme performance without much maintenance. 

The auger screw itself is an open spiral and its coils are not connected to the drive shaft. Damp or powdery fertiliser cannot clog onto screw or the shaft. Even extremely poor quality granular fertiliser can be applied with utmost accuracy.