Strip Ripper

A robust strip-till and ripper combination
to target deeper soil compaction layers


400mm working depth


Spring-loaded auto reset tine


1200kg break away point load

Standard Attachments

Strip Former

Wavy coulters can be set to run straight or toe-out to create a trench or a ridge

Curved Tine

Shark fin tip and shin allows for low surface disturbance. Tine can be equipped with optional shatter wings at three different depths.

Residue Management Options

Rear Mounted Row Cleaner

Rear mounted row cleaners with advantages in moist conditions and heavier soils

Front Mounted Row Cleaner

Front mounted row cleaners for heavy residue in lighter soils.

Strip Forming Options

Rolling Basket

Rolling basket finishes a neat seed bed in most conditions

Paddle Wheel

Paddle wheel is more aggressive for heavier clay and cloddy soils.