Twin-Row Maize Planter

The rigid frame of the Monosem pull type planters are a welded construction of a 127 x 127mm front and a 178 x 178mm rear beam with 16mm thick flat, upright flanges in between.  The front beam carries the fertilliser openers, the flanges carry the fertiliser bins or tanks and the rear beam only carries the planter units, wheels and seed spacing transmission. This design is very sturdy but makes them also exceptionally versatile as the norrow, yet strong flanges do not interfere with whatever row configuration is chosen.

Contact drive system

A contact drive system is standard on all pull type planter frames. This system is a simple, reliable, and efficient way to power seed meters and fertiliser transmission. It is mounted on top of the planter ground wheel. A small wheel engages the big ground wheel when the planter is lowered, automatically turning the seed meters and fertiliser. This drive disconnects when the planter is raised and the small turf tyre seperates from the ground-engaging tyre. The small turf tyre is injected with silicone to avoid problems through punctures.

New heavy duty pillow block bearings with triple lip seals are used on the lift wheels. These make repair and maintenance much easier.

New aluminum shims on the hydraulic cylinders are used to easily change the height of the lift wheels in different soil conditions. This enables the seed units to always run at the perfect height to the main beam.

Wheels with a 7.5×20 tyre are fitted for row spacings of 76cm and narrower.

Wheels with a 12×18 tyre are fitted for row spacings of 91cm and wider.

Planter frame height is easily changed using clip-on spacers

Triple-lip sealed SKF flange bearings on wheel hubs

Seed spacing transmission

The seed spacing transmission is mounted on the side of the machine and is thus very easily accessible. It is very easy to change the gear-ratio. By pushing down a lever, the operator can release the tension on the chain and change over to the desired gear without any tools. The transmission has 18 different settings and with Monosem seed discs that can have a variety of different hole quantities (from 6 to 120) the operator can reach in-row spacings from 18mm to 1.6m.

Twin-Row Unit

Optional :

Twin Row units can be equipped with clamps for 3-point mounted frames.

Twin Row units can be equipped with Monoshox linkage and shock absorber.

Minimum row unit distances : 210mm from row to row and 550mm from row to row with planter wheel in between

Row Cleaner Options

Fixed Row Cleaner for Twin-Row

Closing Wheel Options

Narrow & Sloped Rubber Wheels

Seed Metering Unit

Monosem seed metering unit demoLess doubles and skips – The flat seed disc of the Monosem seed metering unit is less sensitive to seed size and shape. It picks up multiple seeds and the access pips get knocked of higher up in the metering unit. Conventional seed meters try to ensure single seed pickup with pockets or grooves on the seed disc. This is only effective when the seeds are uniform in size and shape.

Better seed spacing – The flat seed disc allows seeds to fall straight down from the seed disc at the 5 hour mark. The lower drop position decreases the likelihood of mispositioned seed in the seed furrow. The seed wiper at the bottom of the Monosem seed metering unit ensures that seeds fall down the centre of the seed tube. This accuracy ensures the correct positioning of each pip in the planted row.

Adjustable – The seed singulator is adjustable to fit different seed types (maize, soya, sunflower etc.). You can check for doubles or skips through the control window. You don’t have to make constant adjustments to get the perfect seed spacing. The Monosem system is not sensitive and you don’t have to adjust the vacuum.

Durable – The Monosem seed metering unit is made of aluminium. The agitator, singulator and seed wiper are made of bronze. The components are machined to the micron and calibrated at the factory for life.

Affordable replacement parts – It takes years to have to replace the wear gasket or seed disc. The seed disc is made of 1.5mm stainless steel. The wear gasket of Polyacetal Copolymer has superior friction and wear resistance characteristics.

(1) Cover (outside) Cast aluminium (2) Control Window, Operator can easily see the result of his adjustments (3) Clean Out Trap Door (4) Brass Seed Wiper directs seed release to guarantee precise seed spacing (5) Adjustable Brass Singulator Eliminates doubles without creating skips (6) Seed Disc 1.5mm stainless steel (7) Brass Agitator (8) Seed Drop Point Right above seed tube (9) Wear Gasket Teflon gasket behind seed disc will last for many years (10) Hold Down Plate (11) Meter Main Body

Adjusting the Seed Singulation :

The lever on the left side of the meter’s main body adjusts the Singulator on the inside.

The more the lever is set towards PLUS the less aggressive the Singulator. The more the lever is set towards MINUS the more aggressive the Singulator.

Advantages of the Twin-Row Sync-Row®

Planting in a diamond seed drop maximises space between each plant and reduces competition for nutrients. On Monosem planters independent row units driven by a shared hex shaft ensure the Sync-Row® diamond pattern remains consistent pass after pass.

Sync-Row® Timing system designed to maintain the staggered seed and create the diamond pattern :

  • Easily adjusted with a simple turn of the dial, less than one minute per twin-row pair
  • Adjusts the position of the seed disc to synchronise the seed drop

Dry Fertiliser Bins

Monosem dry fertiliser bins

600 Litre dry fertiliser bins are offered. They are made from a heavy duty polyethylene that makes them lightweight but still highly durable.  The lightweight tanks allow for larger fertiliser loads to be used and effectively reduces down time due to refilling.

Fertiliser Opener

510mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener
510mm Single Disc Fertiliser Opener
The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are made from highly durable corrosion free components. The stainless steel Fertisystem® auger shaft runs on two 6006.2RS ball bearings that are extremely well protected. The protection consists of a stainless steel washer, felt seal, exit hole, o-ring, oil seal and bearing seal. This design ensures many years of supreme performance without much maintenance.The Fertisystem Auto-Lub® augers are superbly performing fertiliser augers of a new generation. These augers are maintenance free and require minimum cleaning. Their open, spiral-like screw is very accurate and works very well even with damp or powdery fertilise

Key Features :

Reliable Flow rate:

Easy maintenance

The rain cap (1) can be taken off to enable the tractor driver to see the fertiliser flow. Should there occur a blockage in the opener, the fertiliser will overflow through opening (a) even if the rain cap is in place.

Emptying, cleaning and checking of the FertiSystem auger is made easy. Just clip off two latches and the front spout (2) can be taken off. Thereafter the auger screw  (4) can be pulled out by hand.

The overflow plate  (3)  inside the outlet spout ensures uniform fertiliser distribution even if the planter runs uphill, downhill or leans sideways on slopes. The corkscrew design of the FertiSystem auger screw make it self cleaning and fertiliser is unable to clog around this screw even if damp or

Pro Wheel Option

The press wheel has been used for years on the vegetable and sugarbeet planters. MONOSEM has adapted this concept to the multipurpose planters with a large diameter press wheel, the PRO wheel.

Consistent pressing ♦ Improved plant emergence ♦ Optimal germination ♦ Better seed placement quality

Large diameter press wheel

The PRO wheel in aluminium has a stainless steel coating and a plastic scraper. Wide diameter (295mm), it keeps its shape and offers a quality pressing and a better seed placement. By improving the seed-to-soil contact, the emergence is more rapid and regular.

Integrated hooking up system

When the conditions are not suitable for the use of the PRO wheel, it can be very quickly retracted. Just lift the PRO wheel up by hand and lower the lock with the other. And the wheel is no longer in contact with the ground.

Combined adjustment

The packing down pressure of the PRO wheel is adjustable. It is combined with the pressure adjustment of the rear packing unit (a).

Independent wheel

Independant from the planting system and the rear press unit, the PRO wheel follows the ground contours for a
consistent pressing.